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It is a frequent symptom that accompanies menopause, and as usual it is falling hormone levels that are usually behind it. You can restore hormone balance, and follow these simple home remedies, to stop that itch.


Anxiety can be all-consuming, and at menopause seems to affect women more than at other times of their lives. Dr Mercola helps shed some light on what can help you.


For a healthy snack unsalted nuts can be hard to beat but are usually off limits if dieting. Dr Andrew Weil has some good news if you have been avoiding them.


We all need a little extra help when the temperature outside rises, as well as our own internal thermostat!

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Shedding some of these unhealthy habits can also help you shed the pounds so follow Dr Mercola’s advice and start seeing that tummy reduce.

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Bioidentical hormones help rebalance you for symptom relief but knowing what can set them off can make a real difference.


Cervical cancer is not restricted to young women, menopause brings its own risks particularly if there is a high degree of oestrogen dominance. Recent news reports show research indicates that 20% of cases are found in women over the official screening age.


You skip the odd period, or start noticing changes in your body, so is it perimenopause, or something else? All women are different, but check these common signals that perimenopause has started.

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How the definition of ‘natural’ hormones has led to confusion in the media, and elsewhere – a personal view by Dr Tony Coope.

Dr Tony Coope

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