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Lack of libido can be a problem at menopause but progesterone increases sex drive in women and there are some helpful natural supplements you can also try.

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Exercise helps us lose weight and stay healthy but running is not usually the first thought at menopause! To increase your longevity and help balance your hormones is it time to consider it?


Many women find they benefit from adding a little oestrogen to help their hormones with a combination bioidentical cream, but is soy a realistic alternative or just suitable for a few?

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Did you know that menopause, and the hormonal fluctuations that go with it, is one of the factors in memory loss? The good news is that you have control over many elements that mess with your memory as Dr Mercola offers you sound advice on staying sharp.


Yesterday the Daily Mail mentioned Adrenal Fatigue as a reason women are exhausted, irritable and unhappy. Bio hormone health tackled this subject over a year ago so here is the bioidentical hormone perspective on why you always feel tired and stressed.


What are some of the biggest mistakes you have made or seen others make when trying to lose weight?


New Year resolutions are something we often make, and more frequently break, but if you want some simple tips to stay hormone healthy then these might just keep you on track.

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Many women find at menopause that their blood pressure creeps up. It may be added weight, less exercise or thyroid problems but your health will benefit by helping reduce it naturally.

Try Serenity Natural Progesterone Cream

Should women take HRT before the menopause? Some experts now say it’s the best way to ease your symptoms – and avoid long-term health problems – but is this just another way of selling more drugs? Bioidentical doctors would certainly not recommend it but is it for you?

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