Transdermal Estrogen At Post Menopause Shows No Increased Stroke Risk

Women are naturally concerned about the health risks of unopposed oestrogen. New studies show that transdermal bioidentical hormones are the best option.

Risk Factors For Young Women Of Having A Stroke

Women have 55% more strokes than men and the rate among younger women is up by 40% due to some unique risk factors.

High Fat Diet Increases Stroke Risk In Post Menopausal Women

Moderation in all things is a good health policy, particularly when it comes to your fat intake. Progesterone helps protect your heart, but you can help by reducing your intake of transfats – and your risk – by 40%.

Citrus Fruit May Reduce Stroke Risk In Women By 19%

Women have a greater risk of a stroke than men – particularly women with an early menopause. Bioidentical natural progesterone helps protect women from heart disease and so too can citrus fruit.

Reducing Stroke Risk in Women With Progesterone And Citrus Fruit

Strokes kills twice as many women as breast cancer every year and bioidentical natural progesterone is an important factor in reducing that risk.

High Cholesterol Can Lower Your Stroke Risk

In menopause when you put on a few pounds you are likely to be told to lose weight by your doctor and certainly warned against high cholesterol. New research from Norway could change that.

Synthetic Hormones and Stroke Risk

Synthetic hormones in birth control pills and HRT are commonly prescribed, yet for women they can carry an increased risk of having a stroke.

Early Menopause Can Double Heart Attack Risk

Researchers have reported increased risks for women who reach menopause prematurely.

Bioidentical Hormones May Help Prevent Strokes

Estrogen patches and gels are much safer than estrogen pills, and progesterone is safer than any of the progestins.

Menopausal Women on Antidepressant May Have Increased Risk of a Stroke

The increased risk from antidepressants remained the same regardless of which drug class women were taking.

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