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If your blood pressure is high, your doctor may prescribe medication but the lifestyle decisions you make each day play a key role too.

An over active bladder can be problematic but did you realise how much difference your diet can make?

There are any number of diet books, but not many that concentrate on your hormones.

One aspect of menopause many women experience is the onset of joint pain.

Lupus is linked to oestrogen, which is why more women than men suffer from it.

Lockdown stress is blamed as women pile on the pounds – and oestrogen levels soar.

You may be used to period cramps, but can it change at peri menopause?

Tiredness is not just physical and mental exhaustion is just as real, and worrying.

Try Serenity Natural Progesterone Cream

Having an early menopause can have profound effects, whether occurring naturally or from a hysterectomy.

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