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Women are more at risk of developing osteoporosis than men because the hormone changes that happen at the menopause directly affect bone density.

A nice relaxing drink at the end of the day or with a meal might be just what you are looking forward to. But be careful as you could be adding too many calories.

Bloating is a common complaint, but do you know what is causing it?

Dryness at Menopause is fairly common but would you know if it was atrophy rather than dryness?

Any weight gain can be a concern, but when it’s round your middle you need to take action.

We know men and women are different – but did you realise how that affects your health too?

There’s no doubt you know when you have got it, but just what is causing that itch?

Heart health and Menopause are often linked, but what’s behind it?

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Having an early menopause can have profound effects, whether occurring naturally or from a hysterectomy.

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