AnnA Rushton

AnnA Rushton has been writing about both alternative and mainstream health, with particular reference to women’s health, for over 35 years.  Her books, website, and columns have shared natural hormone health information from when it was not being covered in the mainstream media to the present when there is a natural thirst for such knowledge. Her meeting with Dr John Lee on one of his London visits convinced her of the value of a natural hormone approach. Dr Lee then asked her to help with his London talks and seminars and she shared the stage with him on several occasions to facilitate the many questions that arose from his inspirational sharing of hormone health information.

She is the author of many health and personal development books and is a regular speaker and writer on women’s health. With her colleague Dame Dr Shirley Bond she co-authored the book ‘Natural Progesterone: The Natural Way to Alleviate Symptoms of Menopause, PMS, Endometriosis and Other Hormone-related Problems’. In her books, articles and talks she is always striving to offer information that will enable better health and personal choice.

AnnA is an inspirational speaker and writer who continues to help people change their lives. A natural communicator, her background is in all forms of media with major companies such as the BBC, Granada, London Weekend Television, and the J Walter Thompson Advertising Agency.

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