Dr Tony Coope

Dr Tony Coope has many years experience in General Practice, prior to which he spent four years as a hospital doctor, covering the specialities of medicine, surgery, paediatrics, geriatrics and emergency/trauma medicine.

He now specialises in female hormone health, from puberty to post menopause, with a particular interest, focus and experience in dealing with the many aspects of Menopause.

An introduction to psychology and psychosomatic medicine in one of the first Vocational Training Schemes for General Practice led to an interest in the role of complementary medicine in health and healing.

In the early ’90’s, having experienced the work of a multi-disciplinary clinic in a spiritual setting in India, he left general practice to explore an Integrated Medical approach including the use of nutritional supplements, bio-identical hormones, botanicals and, on a more subtle level, complex homeopathy and the use of sound and monochromatic light in healing.

Shaping his approach to health and wellbeing since then has been a fascination with the nature of consciousness and the ways that an understanding of spiritual matters, philosophy and metaphysics can expand an individual’s sense of meaning and purpose in the world, and illuminate a path to health, wholeness and fulfillment.

As a regular contributor to Bio-Hormone-Health.com Dr Coope said, “My intention is that my column gives us an arena for information and ideas about anything and everything in the field of hormone health, and explore how to develop the discrimination necessary to arrive at the truth.”

Dr Coope regrets he is unable to answer your individual questions directly on the website.

He works with patients via email and telephone and his fees are £45 per 1/2 hour and £95 per hour.

He can be contacted for more information and appointments at: info@bio-hormone-health.com

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