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Natural birth control for men

Papaya seeds may act as a natural contraceptive.

AnnA Rushton

Since the invention of the contraceptive pill more women have preferred to take responsibility for birth control themselves.  However the pill can cause many problems and many women prefer not to take synthetic hormones or overload their system with chemicals.

For those women their choices up to now has been rather limited, but help is at hand. If you want to switch to a more natural form of contraception and make your partner responsible for it, then stock up on papayas next time you visit the supermarket and boil up a few kettles of water.

This method is actually nothing new, as it was first mentioned in the writings of Hippocrates, and I have to wonder who on earth came up with the idea and in what context – strange fellows those ancient Greek.  Sadly papaya alone is not enough;  for a man needs to bathe or submerge the testes in 116 degrees water (just below the pain threshold) for forty five minutes each day for 21 days.

Sperm don’t like heat, they need to be several degrees cooler than body temperature to be viable; and sperm cell death happens at 95 degrees F, while normal cell death happens at 108 degrees F – so this method effectively kills the sperm for a limited but extended period of time.

What about the papaya I hear you ask? Well, papaya seeds are antibacterial, help with parasitic problems, are rich in enzymes and have been found to completely remove the sperm from a male monkey’s ejaculation. Also, rats tested with a compound made from papaya seeds were found to have “significantly reduced” sperm counts.

At higher levels of ingestion, the rats became completely infertile. The rat researchers then declared the long term, daily use of compounds from papaya seeds to be a safe and effective male contraceptive.

If the rats don’t convince you, then what about the usually amazingly fertile rabbit? After three months of daily use of the papaya seed compound, the rabbits were found to be almost completely infertile. The extract showed no effect on their libido or organs and the contraceptive effects were completely reversible after 45 days of non-use.

The treatment has even been ‘tested ‘ in many traditional cultures in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia where a teaspoon of the seeds is taken each day as a contraceptive by both men and women.

Perhaps the most palatable way to take this is in the form of a fruit smoothie, combining half a papaya plus a teaspoon of the seeds together with perhaps some banana or other fruit.

Guess who’s going to try and persuade you to eat the seed, and forget about the hot water method!

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