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Estrogen Spray May Pose Risk for Children and Pets

Reports from the USA show adverse effects after contact with the spray.

AnnA Rushton

A warning has been issued by the US Food and Drug Administration about using a particular spray form of topical estradiol (Evamist) to control hot flushes. Women using it should avoid touching children and pets with treated areas of the skin as they have received eight reports of children ages 3 to 5 who showed breast enlargement and other signs of estrogen exposure after contact with women using the product.

Now this is not a large number but it definitely needs to be paid attention. Evamist is recommended to be sprayed onto the inside of the forearm so that transfer can occur if the child or pet is picked up and held against the area and they are suggesting that users of the product should wear long sleeves to cover the application site.

The symptoms that were seen of premature puberty in girls, including development of breast buds and breast mass, and enlarged mammary glands in boys, appeared several weeks to months after the adult patient began using Evamist. Some problems were resolved after the woman stopped using the product or took steps to prevent children’s exposure.

The concern about house pets was based on two reports where spayed female dogs developed signs of mammary or nipple enlargement, vulvar swelling, and liver failure in one case and vaginal prolapse and elevated estrogen levels in the other. The exposure occurred through licking of the owner’s arms or by the dog being held by the owner.

The FDA indicated that at present it is unknown whether unintended exposure can occur with other topical estrogen products and are working with Evamist’s manufacturer to identify factors that may heighten risks of accidental exposure, as well as ways to reduce or prevent such exposures.

If you are concerned, and are using a topical estrogen product, then please consult your doctor. 

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wellsprings | 12:21 pm, April 11th, 2012

How terrible Rebecca – and it is something we do need to be aware of if on oestrogen spray or cream and handling pets.

Rebecca Fischer | 8:38 pm, April 10th, 2012

This happened to my cat from handling her with bio-identical hormone cream on my arm. I had a cat with a bad cat flu and while nursing her back to health she was exposed to leaning on my arm with the estrogen cream. As a result the 5 year old spayed cat went into heat. Her blood was tested and her estrogen levels were extremely high. I now no longer put the creme on the inside of arms, instead now on the back of my legs and cover them.

AnnA Rushton | 3:51 pm, July 31st, 2010

Yes you are quite right, and it is a real concern. You will find a couple of my blogs that tackle this – just type bisphenol into the search icon at the top right of the home page

MorichesDaily | 2:29 am, July 31st, 2010

The Ultimate Secret is Food is more Harmful!

What many don’t know is that hormones in food, hormone-mimicking pollutants in the waterways are a much greater concern to children and adults alike. Multiple studies have found that chemicals found in such products as food cans, toys, shower curtains, and water bottles may be to blame for causing an early onset of puberty in girls. Furthermore, the studies found that the chemicals also put them at a greater risk of diabetes and cancer. The three chemical classes studied were phthalates, phenols and phytoestrogens. One such hormone-mimicking chemical is Bisphenol A, which was recently found in eighteen out of twenty popular food cans.

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