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World Menopause Month – The Magic Of Menopause

An introduction to World Menopause Month

AnnA Rushton

In the not too recent past using the word magic about menopause would have been greeted with a scornful laugh, but my own experience and that of many other women is that it is truly a time of transition.

It was not called “the change” for nothing and I believe that author Leslie Kenton got it absolutely right in her book Passage to Power when she described hot flashes as power surges and the whole period of transition one that can be truly life changing.

She is one of our many contributors in World Menopause Month and a common theme they all share is that menopause is a time to be celebrated because now it is not something to be suffered in silence – nor something that causes men to duck their heads when entering their homes for fear of being hit by flying crockery!

We do not have to be at the mercy of our hormones, because we are fortunate to be living in a time when we have unparalleled access to information from doctors, health professionals and, most importantly, women just like us who are willing to share their experience of this key time of transition.

No one is saying it is always easy, but we know so much more about what causes some of the more distressing symptoms of menopause and, vitally, we know more about how to correct them and that in itself is empowering.

Dr John Lee always prophesied that the importance of natural hormones would be recognised by women first, more than by their doctors and in that, as in so much else, he was certainly right.  His great collaborator, Virginia Hopkins, is also contributing an article for us this month and if you keep checking in to the site you will find regular updates of articles, comments, quotes and opinions from a variety of people and a wide range of experience.

I do hope that you will join us and celebrate World Menopause Month – and particularly on World Menopause Day on October 18th – to share in the knowledge that natural help is available for all aspects of menopause and to contribute your own thoughts and comments.

Can I leave you with a final quote from Leslie Kenton to inspire and empower you throughout October:

“Power, energy and freedom are the rewards of a natural menopause.”

To gain those rewards build on the experience of others who have explored all the options available to achieve that.  A very good place to start is to read the articles and opinions that you will find on this site

Wishing you a magical menopause – AnnA Rushton – Editor Bio Hormone Health

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