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A Personal View of Menopause – Leslie Kenton

Leslie Kenton, author of Passage To Power, gives us her thoughts on the menopause as part of our Menopause Day Celebrations.


I find it hard to believe that rampant confusion still surrounds menopause in English-speaking countries.  Women are in no way prepared for the profound personal and biochemical changes which begin long before menstruation ceases.  No wonder they are frequently filled with fear:  fear of osteoporosis, fear of ageing or strange symptoms, fear of losing identity, fear of the unknown.  Such fears are not easily alleviated, especially in a culture still intent upon exploiting rather than empowering women.

Women over 35 urgently need trustworthy information about the biochemical, emotional, spiritual and physical changes which accompany the most profound transition in their lives as well as about how health and energy can be sustained, regained and renewed as they approach mid-life.  Women also need new maps for menopause – maps that can guide one out of the desert of fear into a land of new self-created opportunities for living fully ones own truth, individuality and power.

Until the climacteric a woman’s creativity is biological.  Whatever her political views, whether or not she chooses to bear children, she exists primarily to propagate the species. Every hormone in a woman’s is geared up to make her this and this alone – the nurturer, the self-sacrificer – someone who is forever required to conduct her life according to external values.  After menopause all this changes.  She owes no further debt to children, husbands, lovers, or the species.  Her creativity, her energy and her power become transmuted and for the first time in her life belong the her alone to do with what she will.

In my own work with menopause, I have tried to create maps for transformation – both physical and spiritual as well as a practical advice for making what I believe to be the most  exciting and significant passage in every woman’s life this as smooth as possible.  In no way should we women avoid exploring the darkness which accompanies such a profound metamorphosis nor the hidden treasures that are to be found in such darkness.  Yet I celebrate the climacteric and of the new sense of power, energy, buoyant health and individuality that can bring to any woman willing to let go of the fear and nonsense we have been taught to believe about it.

Far from being something to fear or ‘cope with’ the climacteric in a healthy woman becomes a bridge to the highest order of freedom, self-confidence and energy she can ever experience.  Such freedom is of an order that most of us, in our child-bearing years have only dared to dream about.


Leslie Kenton is the author of many health books including Ten Steps To A Natural Menopause and Passage To Power, a powerful description of how to be empowered during menopause.  To find out about more about her work go to her website at

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