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Menopause, A Woman’s View – by Pauline Manning

Pauline has been using bioidentical hormones for many years. She tells us what led her to use bioidenticals and her experience with them.


The menopause to me is just like puberty, a natural change. I think we tend to forget this in our current society where there seems to be some unnatural cure or remedy for everything associated with ageing, cosmetic surgery, chemical peeling, botox to name just a few.

My symptoms started slowly when I was about 50. Hot flushes were first and they were very annoying. They seemed to start somewhere inside and then travel to the surface of my body – not pleasant. This was accompanied by mood swings and forgetfulness, as well as aches and pains. I wanted some thing to gat rid of them but didn’t want to try Hormone Replacement Therapy, especially when I was told it came from horses’ urine!

It seems to me that the menopause needs a natural approach. We all have choices and there are numerous natural supplements that can be tried, including herbal remedies etc. I have tried many of these, but for me Serenity natural progesterone cream worked to alleviate many of the unwanted menopausal symptoms, and unlike HRT it doesn’t have any side effects apart from positive ones. I recommend it to all my friends who want to rid themselves of hot flushes, mood swings etc, and they are extremely grateful.

I also believe that the mind plays an important role and has a big influence on how we feel. This has been proved many times.  Just think how you feel when a friend says “ Are you ok? You don’t look too good”.   But you are feeling fine. If a second person says the same thing to you, you will actually begin to feel unwell !

So stay positive, eat a fairly healthy diet, exercise in moderation, use the natural remedies that help you, chat with sympathetic friends and just think no more periods. And remember it’s only a natural change.

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