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World Menopause Month

What have we learned from the experience of others about this time of transition?

AnnA Rushton

I began this World Menopause Month by talking about the magic about menopause and I have been fascinated to see that other contributors also took up the theme.

Of course, there are as many views on the menopause as are women experiencing it because the one thing that is very clear from all our contributors is that although some of the symptoms are shared, every woman’s experience is unique.

I personally have found it very inspiring to realise how much help and support and information there is now available on natural bio-identical hormones.  It is so very different from when I first began to investigate them many years ago and, indeed, it was that which led me to found the Natural Progesterone Information Service in order to pass on the information to other women.

I was lucky enough to work with the late John Lee by helping to promote his groundbreaking work on natural progesterone and to facilitate with him on stage in London to answer the many questions that women in the audience had.  He was always an inspiration, and I’m sure would have been delighted to see how readily women have taken his information and pass it on.  I am also sure he would have shook his head wonderingly at how few doctors still remain to be convinced!

I began the month with a quote from Leslie Kenton and I would like to end with the same one:

“Power, energy and freedom are the rewards of a natural menopause.”

I hope this message inspires and encourages any woman going through the menopause to see it not as a burden but a challenge that can be joyfully — if warmly — embraced!

AnnA Rushton – Editor Bio Hormone Health

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