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Comment on Increased Breast Cancer

Dame Dr Shirley Bond responds to the reported rise in breast cancer rates in the UK and questions the absence of synthetic hormone treatments in the reasons cited.

Dame Dr Shirley Bond

Today (4 February, 2011) there has been much in the news about increased death rates from breast cancer. The statistics are certainly concerning as it is now estimated by Cancer Research UK that one in eight women will develop the disease.

The newspaper reports claim this is due to late child bearing, obesity and drinking alcohol and lay the responsibility for this increase on those factors. While obesity may well be a factor what is also true – but not mentioned – is that excess oestrogen from the fat and alcohol may affect the liver’s ability to deal with everything, including hormones. I certainly doubt if late motherhood has much to do with it.

I note sadly, but with no surprise, that there is no blame attached to the increased synthetic hormone use by women through HRT, and the contraceptive pill. Nor is it mentioned that late motherhood usually means that the woman has been taking the Pill for a very long period of time. They also don’t comment on the horrendous doses of hormones used in IVF, which is more and more often being resorted to as women leave conception later due to pressures of career and economics.

These increased amounts of synthetic hormones in women’s bodies certainly play a part in breast cancer risk and it is simply irresponsible to ignore them. Finally, none of the reports make reference to the fact that the treatment of breast cancer in the UK leaves a lot to be desired in comparison to some continental European countries.

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