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Hormone Therapy Increases Breast Cancer

JAMA Study Says Synthetic Progestin Found to Cause Breast Cancer

Dr Jeffrey Dach

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reviewed 11 years of data from the Womens Health Initiative Study. Dr.Chlebowski, concluded that the synthetic Prempro Pill used in the study increases breast cancer, and these cancers tend to be the more aggressive. As might be expected, there was also increased breast cancer mortality in the synthetic hormone group. Note: PremPro is made by Wyeth (Pfizer) and is a combination of a horse estrogen- Premarin plus progestin-Provera (medroxyprogesterone).

Censorship in The Media – Why Can’t They Tell You About Progesterone ?

What I find incredible is that neither of the two JAMA articles nor anything in the news media mentions the fact that Progestins are chemicalized, altered versions of Progesterone.  Nor do any of these articles even mention one word about Progesterone, which is the original human hormone that the drug companies are trying to copy. The synthetic copy is called a Progestin, an inferior, “monster” hormone that causes breast cancer.  Progesterone is safer and more effective than any of the chemically altered progestins.  So why not use progesterone? None of the articles say this. I find this form of self-censorship to be astounding.  Doctors reading this JAMA article will not even think that Progesterone exists.  It does exist.  It is even FDA approved .  Why the silence?

Bioidentical Hormones Are Safer and More Effective Than Synthetics

Progesterone, a bioidentical hormone, is preferable compared to synthetics. Firstly, the WHI Study (Women’s Health Initiative Study) showed that synthetic hormones cause cancer and heart disease. If you look at the second arm of the WHI study, (which did not include a synthetic progestin), the breast cancer risk is significantly decreased. The cardiac risk was also decreased.

The culprit was the synthetic progestin called Provera, known for years to cause cancer and heart disease. As a matter of fact, three previous studies showed the same finding, that progestins cause breast cancer.

1) The Breast Cancer Detection Demonstration Project (BCDDP ) had an increase in breast cancer when they used a progestin.

2) The Swedish Record Review had increase in breast cancer with a progestin.

3) The Million Woman Study had increase in breast cancer with progestin use.

In all these studies, they were using Progestins along with the estrogen, and that’s why they got those results. (Progestins are chemically altered synthetic forms of progesterone).

A Progestin is NOT Progesterone. Progestin is not the same as bioidentical progesterone. In fact, Progestins are “chemicalized ” versions of progesterone. The chemical structure is altered to get a patent. That’s why they are so bad for your health. They have been altered chemically.

Breast Cancer Rates Fall After Women Abandon Synthetic Hormones

Secondly, when the WHI results were made public, prescriptions for synthetic hormones dropped and breast cancer rates plummeted. Two separate studies showed these findings: Both in a Canadian Study and a US Study (April 2007 NEJM), data showed plummeting breast cancer rates after the 2002 WHI study prompted massive numbers of women to abandon synthetic hormones.

Bioidentical Hormones Are Not Associated with Breast Cancer.  The French Cohort Study concluded that bioidentical progesterone was preferable to the synthetic progestins.  They showed no increased risk of breast cancer in bioidentical hormone users (compared to the general population).

The French Cohort Study was done in France. Patient Questionnaires were filled out by 80,000 women.  Over the eight years of follow up, they found 2,354 cases of invasive breast cancer among 80,377 postmenopausal women.  They found that, for the Bioidentical Hormone users (using estrogen plus progesterone), the risk of breast cancer was the SAME or identical to HRT-Never-Users (the same as the general population).

However, for Synthetic Hormone users (estrogen plus progestin), the incidence of breast cancer was increased by 70 per cent.  Sound familiar?  The authors concluded that it was preferable to use progesterone rather than progestin.  Doing so avoids the increased risk of breast cancer associated with the Synthetic Progestins in the PremPro Pill used in the WHI study (also called Provera-medroxyprogesterone).

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Silvio | 8:42 am, October 26th, 2012

Thyroid problems can be gteenic, primarily in females. I did not know I had until my sister was diagnosed after becoming pregnant, so my Dr. checked me and sure my other sister and mother also have.There are two types-hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Hyper is what is pretty much what it sounds. It speeds your heart up, you tend to lose weight, you sweat a lot, etc and Hypo-is the opposite. You can gain weight, you feel sluggish, your speech may be affected (I tend to not be able to get the words out that I want to say ); Your hair becomes brittle and can fall out, etc You can google, but you really should consult a Dr. because even if you don’t have now, you may get in the future. It can be resolved with a simple blood test, that you have to get every so often because your levels can change.Good Luck and take care~

Balanceed Hormones and Health | 4:31 pm, February 11th, 2011

Thank you for putting more information out there about bioidentical hormones. We feel it is really important that women have a choice about their health. Great article! Balanced Hormones and Health

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