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Welsh Herb Works Hard For Water Retention

Women know all the misery of dealing with urinary problems, but there may be a herbal solution to their problems.

AnnA Rushton

Most women will have experienced problems such as water retention, cystitis and other urinary conditions. Viridian Nutrition suggest that the herb Cleavers can help as it is a soothing relaxant and diuretic. It’s indicated by the German Commission for treating kidney, gall bladder and urinary tract infection accompanied by fever, water retention and burning or painful urination.

Also known as Goosegrass – for the simple and obvious reason that geese like to eat it – Cleavers is indigenous to Britain and Northwestern Europe and has a long history of use particularly in Wales. The Welsh know Cleavers as ‘Cynghafen’ and it was considered by the Physicians of Myddfai as one of the most important of indigenous herbs. It is grown to organic standards on the Herefordshire/Welsh borders.

Within Welsh herbal tradition ‘The Book of Howel the Physician’ makes a clear distinction, so far as Cleavers is concerned, between the fresh juice and the dried herb. It would appear that the benefits associated with Cleavers are far more potent when using the fresh herb.

Viridian Nutrition’s 100% Organic Cleavers formula comes as both a tincture and vegetarian capsules. The suggested dosage of the tincture is 15-30 drops, 2-3 times daily in a little fruit juice or water – cranberry would be ideal – or in the 400mg capsule form from one to three capsules daily.


Herbs are powerful, they are indeed the basis for most modern drugs, so need to be treated with caution and respect. Cleavers is NOT recommended for use during pregnancy or lactation OR to be taken alongside diuretic medication.

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