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June Is Osteoporosis Month

The cause of the disease is still not fully understood, but research continues to build up a picture of the factors that influence our bone health. Article and he links to our other osteoporosis features.

AnnA Rushton

Sadly women are often unaware that they have fragile bones until the time of a first fracture. Broken wrists, hips and spinal bones are the most common fractures in people with osteoporosis and it is more widespread as we age.

Statistically one in two women and one in five men over the age of 50 in the UK will fracture a bone, mainly as a result of osteoporosis. The cause of the disease is still not fully understood, but research continues to build up a picture of the factors that influence our bone health.

We have a range of articles covering different aspects of osteoporosis and you will find some of them listed below, together with the link that will take you straight there to read more.

Bio-Hormone Health Contributors:

What is Osteoporosis? Dame Dr Shirley Bond

Bone is a living tissue and, like all living tissues in the body, it is constantly being built up and broken down. This means that the bones that you have now are not the bones you had seven years ago! Full article here

What Is Premature Menopause? Dame Dr Shirley Bond

An explanation of this common phenomenon, its causes and consequences, including osteoporosis risk.  Full article here

How to come off Hormone Replacement Therapy by Dame Dr Shirley Bond

If HRT is stopped suddenly the oestrogen levels will quickly drop to very low levels. This may not produce any symptoms at all, but in many women it causes most of the symptoms associated with the menopause to appear and it is particularly important for women prescribed it for osteoporosis to take extra precautions.   Full article here

A Personal View of Menopause by Leslie Kenton

The celebrated health author shares her thoughts on the menopause and the fear of osteoporosis that affects many women. Full article here

Calcium Tablets Cause Heart Disease by Dr Jeffrey Dach

Often taken by women for osteoporosis, new research has linked calcium supplementation to increased incidence of heart attacks.  Full story here

Secrets for a Trouble-free Menopause byPatrick Holford

In the first of a series of articles on menopause, a leading light in new approaches to health and nutrition, author and founder of The Institute for Optimum Nutrition, addresses how to have healthy bones. Full article here

How Nutrition Can Help With Symptoms Of The Menopause by Julie Lamble, Nutritional Biochemist and State-Registered Nutritionist

How to minimise the impact of menopausal symptoms and ease side effects. Full article here

Coffee and the Prevention of Osteoporosis Dr Sarah Schenker

You may have heard that too much coffee is a bad thing, but nutritionist Sarah Schenker offers an alternative view of both coffee and green tea’s role in bone health. Full story here

Bioidentical Hormones Work Better for Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) by Virginia Hopkins

A small study from Scotland shows natural hormones are safer than oral contraceptives for young women with ovarian failure who are also at greater risk of osteoporosis.  Full story here

Bio-Hormone Health Editor AnnA Rushton:

Osteoporosis – Are You at Risk?

There is no doubt that osteoporosis is a disabling disease but unfortunately it has virtually no outward symptoms until it is well established, hence its nickname of ‘the silent killer’.  Full article here

Controlling Bone Formation to Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis can have several causes, some of which are hereditary and some of which you can to a greater or lesser degree control.    Full article here

Why Are Scientists So In Love With Estrogen For Osteoporosis?

Researchers at the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, have now found a way of utilizing the positive effects of estrogen in mice so that only the skeleton is acted on, latest research at the Academy shows.  Full article here

Adult Osteoporosis Risk Linked to Onset Age at Puberty

The Saban Research Institute of the Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles found that the age when a child enters puberty is the primary influence on their bone mineral density, or bone strength, as an adult.   Full article here

Relieving Osteoporosis In A Hot Drink

Aberdeen Students promote revolutionary new idea to filter out compounds found in osteoporosis sufferers.   Full article here

FDA Issues New Warning on Long Term Use of Osteoporosis Drugs

Following a previous article on the benefits of taking a ‘holiday’ from such drugs there are now two new concerns.  Full article here

Osteoporosis Poses Greater Risk of Developing Cardiovascular Disease

Norwegian researchers believe they have found a biological system that may influence both disease processes. Full article here

Give Osteoporosis Drugs A Holiday To Help Them Work Better

A study conducted at Loyola University Osteoporosis and Metabolic Bone Disease Center in Chicago has found that bone density remained stable for three years in patients who took a drug holiday from bisphosphonates.  Full article here

Osteoporosis Drug Linked to Increased Fractures

There is now mounting evidence that for some women, taking these drugs for over five years could be a serious problem.  Full article here

Worried About Osteoporosis? Avoid A High Protein Diet

A link has been made between a diet high in animal protein and a loss in bone density in older women.  Full article here

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