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Bio-Identical Hormones 101 – For Free

Jeffrey Dach has specialised in bio-identical hormones and he is offering readers a wonderful opportunity read his work – Bioidentical Hormones 101 – for free.

Dr Jeffrey Dach

Dr Jeffrey Dach is a regular contributor to our site and in his practice specializes in bio-identical hormones, natural thyroid and other natural medicine therapies.
 He has recently published a new book Bioidentical Hormones 101 – which covers broad topics from bio-identical hormones, the low thyroid condition, heart disease prevention, vitamin deficiency, to disease mongering by the drug companies; from living healthfully in a toxic world, to how to bust stress.

This book of essays documents a personal journey into natural medicine that will inspire and enlighten you. Even better, Dr Dach is offering this work as an ebook free to readers just by going to this site:

It contains all you need to know about bio-identical hormones, and once you are on the site each section is highlighted and you just click on the relevant link to read or download the particular topic – or topics – that interest you.

These are the main section headings and I have included all the individual sections on bio-identical hormones so you can see just what a wealth of information he is offering and each of the other sections also have a number of individual topics:

Section One:  More Medicine is Not Necessary Better Medicine

Section Two:  Low Thyroid Disorders and Thyroid Nodules

Section Three:  Adrenal Fatigue the Ignored Epidemic of Modern Civilization

Section Four.  Bioidentical Hormones

Chapter 8.  Abandoning the Synthetic Hormone Ship

Chapter 9. The Importance of BioIdentical Hormones

Chapter 10. The Safety of Bioidentical Hormones

Chapter 11. Bioidentical Hormones and Medical GhostWriting

Chapter 12. Bioidentical Hormones Found Beneficial After Hysterectomy

Chapter 13. BioIdentical Hormones Relieve Anxiety

Chapter 14. Menopausal Arthritis and Bioidentical Hormones

Chapter 15. Testosterone Relieves Dry Eye Syndrome

Chapter 16. Newsweek Attacks Oprah and BioIdentical Hormones

Chapter 17. BioIdentical Hormones Trashed by AP News

Chapter 18. Bioidentical Hormones According to the LA Times

Chapter 19. Ten Bioidentical Hormone Fallacies

Chapter 20.  Synthetic Hormones, Pfizer-Wyeth Lose Big Court Case

Section Five.  Screening Mammography and Breast Cancer Prevention

Section Six.   Low Testosterone Diagnosis and Treatment

Section Seven. Testosterone and PSA Testing

Section Eight. Selenium, Why We Need It

Section Nine. Your Drug May Be Your Problem, Are You Taking a “ Bad Drug”?

Section Ten.  Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease

Section Eleven. Vitamin Therapies, B5, B6 and Vitamin E and Wheatgrass

Section Twelve.  Is Your Food Making You Sick?

Section Thirteen. The Mind Body Connection and Spirituality

Section Fourteen. The Future of Medicine

Appendix A. Illustrations

Dr John Lee was all in favour of women having access to all the information they needed to have informed choice about what hormones they were taking.  Jeffrey Dach has made it available and simple to access, it’s just a click away.

For your free eBook go here:

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AnnA Rushton | 12:16 pm, August 25th, 2015

Jean a combination cream such as 20-1 would be best with those symptoms and history as it will help with the thyroid and menopause symptoms such as anxiety.

Jean thompson | 5:08 pm, August 23rd, 2015

Stopped taking seroxat 2yrs ago after been on them for 10 yrs ,haven’t been good since . Dr said I had to take them again ,side affects are dreadful ,have tried 3 different tablets with no positive result .Dr then asked me to try a none SSRI mirtazapine 15 msg ,read side affects ,really bad don’t want to take these at all . I’m having night sweats and am very emotional ,I have been suffering anxiety and panic attack after a lot of trauma in my life ,I’m glad to say I have over come panic attacks . I’m also taking liviel20 msg ,I had a hysterectomy age 32 because of endometriosis , I still have both overies .Can you please suggest something that will help I’m Now age 63 yrs I’ve had reflexology and each time shows hormone imbalance and thyroid My mother and her sister had under active thyroid .Dr won’t do a thing unless blood results show low Thyroid .Thankyou so much for your time ,sorry it’s so long . Kind Regards Jean Thompson .

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