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Endometriosis And Bioidentical Hormones

Endometriosis responds well to bioidentical hormones, but not everyone agrees so Dr Dach puts the record straight.

Dr Jeffrey Dach

An article in an Australian Newspaper by Rachel Browne caught my attention because it was a hatchet job, using falsehoods to malign and discredit bioidentical hormones. (1-2) This Australian news article quotes John Eden, the infamous OB/Gyn found to be “In Bed ” with the Synthetic Hormone Industry, and  “author” of several ghost written medical journal articles.  One of his ghostwritten articles tried to make doctors believe “that synthetic hormones are safe and do not cause cancer”.(4-5)  This is untrue.  Numerous studies have shown without any doubt they do cause cancer.   For example, The WHI (Womens Health Initiative was halted early because the synthetic hormone combination Prempro (containing a progestin) increased the risk of heart disease and breast cancer.

The article informs us that  twenty five percent of Australian women on bioidentical hormone programs.  Dr Eden believes “these treatments are potentially dangerous and can lead to uterine cancer”.  Dr. Eden reported three cases of endometrial cancer while on bioidentical hormones.(3)

The role of bioidentical progesterone

What Dr. Eden doesn’t tell you is that Bioidentical Hormones are FDA approved for preventing endometrial hyperplasia and reducing risk of endometrial cancer.  The studies were done by Solvay for FDA approval of Prometrium (Progesterone, a bioidentical hormone) and this was published in the medical literature.

What Dr Eden doesn’t tell you is that neither bioidentical homrones  nor synthetic hormones eliminate the risk of endometrial cancer.  In fact in the WHI study, women who took with Prempro, (a synthetic hormone) suffered from 58 cases of endometrial cancer.  They also reported 32 cases of invasive ovarian cancer, 13 cases of cervical cancer, and 7 cases of other gynecologic cancers.

What Dr Eden doesn’t tell you is  that the medical system and drug industry caused more than 15,000 cases of endometrial cancer in the 1950’s with Premarin, a pregnant horse estrogen pill.  Finally, doctors figured out that estrogen caused endometrial cancer unless co-administered with progesterone which conteracts the endometial hyperplasia (stimulation) and reduces the risk of endometrial cancer to that of placebo.

Progestins such as provera (MPA) were developed as synthetic chemically altered versions of progesterone for this purpose of preventing endometrial hyperplasia.  These alteration were needed to obtain a patent on the chemical formula.

What Dr Eden doesn’t tell you is that four major studies have shown that Provera and all Progestins cause cancer and heart disease.  Progesterone does not.

Starting to make sense now?

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