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Living In A Sea Of Oestrogen

Women are a delicate balance of hormones, each profoundly influenced by the foods we eat, the thoughts we think and the environment we place ourselves in.

Charlie Lagoa
We live in a sea of too much oestrogen, which is at unprecedented levels in our modern day world. Too much unopposed oestrogen creates havoc with our hormones and we never feel great. It manifests as miserable symptoms such as PMS, PCOS, difficulty in conceiving, low libido and increases our risk of breast and other female cancers later in life.
In this article, I will help you to identify where you may be swimming in a sea of oestrogen, and I also show you some simple ways that you can start to reduce your oestrogen overload today.

Three Areas Of Oestrogen Overload

1. In our environment

  • Tap water contains residues of the contraceptive pill which is not filtered out in the filtering process. Tap water is also run through copper pipes and copper is highly oestrogenic.
  • Plastics, such as water bottles and tupperware leach in to our food and these contain xeno-oestrogens. These mimic the oestrogen in our bodies and create overload.
  • Microwaved Food. When we heat food in the microwave in tupperware or with cling film, the plastic becomes hot and this leaches in to our food. Plastics contain oestrogen mimics.
  • Pesticides used on our food such as DDT are oestrogen mimics and are absorbed in to our blood stream. Instead choose organic food which has not been sprayed.
  • Make-Up & Beauty Products. Our make-up and and beauty products contain parabens and SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) which mimic oestrogens and this is powerfully absorbed in to the skin. Choose beauty products and make up which are all natural and do not contain parabens or SLS.

2. In our food

  • Soy products such as soy milk and tofu contain oestrogen mimics, and for women who are sensitive to the effects of oestrogen it can push them in to overload.
  • Dairy products such as milk and yogurt which are not hormone free are not great for happy hormones. The mother cow is pumped full of hormones in order for her to continually produce vast quantities of milk. This is leached in to the dairy products that we consume. Choose dairy products which are organic and hormone free.
  • Meat is also pumped full of hormones which are quickly absorbed in to our bloodstream, so if you eat meat, ensure that it is hormone free and organic.

3. In our bodies

  • Foreign oestrogens are introduced to the body through the contraceptive pill and other birth control methods which contain synthetic oestrogens and progestins.
  • Our clever bodies need to break down the overload of oestrogen and detox them out of our bodies. If our bodies stop detoxing the unwanted hormones, then build up occurs.
  • Our skin is our bodies’ largest organ of detoxification. Regular skin brushing and taking an Epsom Salts Bath are two fantastic ways that you can ensure that you are actively reducing your oestrogen overload. The happy hormone tips in my newsletters will help to balance out your hormones so that you can have super ecstatically happy and harmonious hormones throughout your life.

Many of you will be familiar with a product that I wax lyrical about, and that is natural progesterone cream. One of my key strategies for achieving happy hormones is to use a natural progesterone cream and it is such a special cream that I really believe it changed my life.

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