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Why Greens Are Good For Your Heart

Heart disease is more common in menopausal women than generally realised. Protection comes from bioidentical progesterone but simply ‘greening’ your diet can make a difference too.

Dr Andrew Weil

Whether you’re in top physical shape or dealing with a health concern, anyone can reap the benefits of eating dark, leafy greens. Produce-stand staples such as kale, collards, beet greens and bok choy are tasty sources of vital nutrients including antioxidants, vitamins A, B and K, iron, lutein and omega-3s.

Health Benefits Of Going Green

In the body, the nutrients in dark leafy greens:

  • Help reduce inflammation
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Protect the immune system

It may be tempting to try them raw, but many vegetables such as chard, spinach, collards and mustard greens are actually better for you after they’ve been cooked.

How to help your heart

It is very important for women to realise the very real danger that heart disease poses. Most women are aware of their cancer risk, but overlook the fact that heart disease is far more deadly to a much greater number of women.

Reducing stress, taking care of your diet and regular exercise are all key elements in maintaining a healthy heart but so too is hormone balance. Proghesterone plays a key role in protecting our hearts and so dealing with any signs of oestrogen dominance and supplementing with bioidentical natural progesterone will give  you the maximum benefit as you reduce your risk of heart disease.

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