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The Importance of Bioidentical Hormones

If you are wondering just why bioidentical hormones are important then US expert Dr Jeffrey Dach has the answers.

Dr Jeffrey Dach

First of all, let us look at the definition of a bioidentical hormone, and how they differ from the synthetic hormones offered by the mainstream medical system. Bioidentical hormones are the hormones that exist in the human body naturally. Synthetic hormones are these very same human hormones that are chemically altered.

Why Chemically Alter a Human Hormone?

The drug company hires chemists to alter the structure of human hormones in the laboratory so the drug company can obtain a patent on the new chemical structure, which is a new drug. This alteration is required in order for the drug company to obtain a patent which gives exclusive marketing rights to the drug company. The patent is necessary to protects profits. Because of a quirk in our patent laws, only chemically altered substances can be patented. Natural substances like human hormones cannot be patented, and are therefore generally not as profitable to manufacture.

Chemically Altered Hormones are Monster Hormones

Hormones fit onto their receptors just like a ‘lock and key’, so any slight alteration of their chemical structure creates a ‘monster hormone’. These resulting ‘monster hormones’ are never found in the human body or anywhere else in nature. The reality is that these synthetically altered monster hormones should never have been approved for marketing and sale and yet that is exactly what your mainstream medical doctor will offer you if you ask for hormones.  Chemical alteration  created a monster hormone called Provera, a synthetic altered version of progesterone.

The Information War and Terminology

Years ago, after the invention of synthetic monster hormones, an information war was launched by the drug industry creating confusion in the public and even among medical professionals about the difference between natural human hormones and synthetic monster hormones. Because of this information war, we must now use the term ‘bioidentical hormones’, which really means human hormones in order to differentiate these from the monster altered hormones.

So it is an embarrassment to medical science that we are forced to use the word ‘bioidentical’ for natural hormones found in the human body. We shouldn’t feel that we are forced to do this. It should be sufficient to  use the same old names in the biochemistry text books. The simple word  ‘hormone’ should suffice. Yet here we are again finding ourselves using the words ‘bioidentical hormone’ thanks to this information war going on between natural medicine and the drug industry.

How do Hormones Work?

Hormones are messengers that attach directly on to the DNA of trillions of our cells and influence gene expression.  The hormone enters the cell, attached to a receptor, and then enters the nucleus of the cell where it binds directly to the DNA. Once bound to the DNA, the hormone messenger turns on DNA expression of protein synthesis. DNA contains the source code for the manufacture of proteins. The Hormone is a messenger that tells the DNA to produce these proteins.

Why Are Proteins Important?

Proteins are the major building block for the human body, and all life for that matter. Proteins serve a variety of functions. For example, ‘structural’ proteins make up the structural elements of the body such as bones, skin, arteries, hair, connective tissue, ligaments, tendons, muscles. Other proteins called enzymes are involved in energy production. There are proteins involved in communication, neurological function and cognition called  neurotransmitters. There are proteins involved in the immune system called antibodies, and the list goes on. The types of proteins are a very important part of the makeup of the organism.

We need a constant supply of proteins to repair the body’s wear and tear. A marathon runner, for example, suffers wear and tear on the tendons, ligaments and muscles used in the marathon run. Recovery time after a marathon depends on the speed of repair of these injuries. During recovery, new proteins and new cells are manufactured and used for repair.

New Cell Layers Needed for Life

In order to live, we need to make new cells. As our older cells and cell layers age and eventually die, we must have the ability to manufacture new cells. Examples are blood cells that must be replaced by the bone marrow every 90 days, the skin cells that slough off as the outer layer to be replaced by new layers of cells underneath.  The gastrointestinal lining is generated at the basal cell layer. These basal cells mature as they migrate to the surface where they eventually live out their life span, die and slough off.

All of the parts of our bodies are require new cells to replace old ones. These new cells are made of proteins, so regeneration of new cell layers requires the DNA to be ‘turned on; to make these new proteins and cells.

Hormone Levels Decline with Age

We know from observational studies that hormones levels decline with age. Starting around age 50, hormones decline to low levels. In women, this sudden decline in hormone levels is called menopause and happens around age 50 with cessation of ovulation. In men, hormonal decline after age 50 is called andropause.

Without the hormone message attached to the DNA, which turns on DNA expression and protein synthesis, we all begin to suffer from the lack of reparative and regenerative proteins leading to the degenerative diseases of ageing. Natural Medicine will provide bioidentical hormone replacement which will serve to prevent or reverse these degenerative diseases of ageing.

BioIdentical Hormones Prevent Degenerative Diseases of Ageing

Since all of these degenerative diseases are directly caused by hormonal decline, they can be prevented or reversed (at least partially reversed) with the use of bioidentical hormones, representing direct economic competition with the drug industry which sells a drug for each degenerative disease. If bioidentical hormones were widely used, this would mean massive lost sales and lost profits for the drug industry.

It is not difficult to understand why there is animosity and competition between the drug industry and natural medicine, and especially between the drug industry and natural bioidentical hormones, with a raging information war going on.

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Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss and Other Best Diets | 9:39 am, July 17th, 2012

Thanks for posting this . I have been looking for something like this . Wonderful information I will check back for any info about Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss.

John1235 | 11:54 am, December 4th, 2011

Very nice site!

jr | 12:12 am, October 7th, 2010

I take issue with some of Dr. Dach’s assertions about hormones. My thoughts:

1. If the body is as adaptive and survival-oriented as indicated, then the natural decrease in bodily hormones with age must be happening for good reason. Meaning…..replacing them is unwise.

2. Hormones have specific purposes, and the likelihood for any particular one serving the express purpose of “keeping you young and healthy” seems remote.

3. Aging causes hormone decreases, NOT hormone decreases cause aging. It is most likely that the body, due to the aging process and all of the cellular assaults that come with just plain living on this planet, decreases its output of hormones because the organ systems can no longer handle the high levels of youth. Hormone means to “set in motion”. If you have the same levels as an 18 year old in a body that is aging and acquring damage, it can’t possibly be good.

4. Your own hormones can be harmful to you. Adrenaline is the most obvious example. Surges of it cause physical pain, GI upset, and make your blood pressure soar.

5. Exercise, a lifestyle factor considered “good”, reduces estrogen levels in both sexes. Excess estrogen in both men and women as they get older is linked to cancer (breast and prostate)stroke, and even dementia.

6. Being “natural” doesn’t equate with “harmless”.

7. Bioidenticals have not been properly studied in trials of the same magnitude as the WHI.

My last point point – research biologists have known for awhile that extremely low calorie diets in animal models significantly increse longevity. They are now starting to attribute some of that to the DECREASE in reproductive hormones that calorie reduction causes since the body’s mode has shifted to maintenance. In addition, domesticated animals (dogs and cats) have probably triple the lifespan of intact animals. They don’t die in violence searching for mates and they rarely develop hormone-related cancers. My point is that the field of “anti-aging” medicine has gone in the wrong direction.

Becca | 4:23 pm, August 27th, 2010

I was on Prempro and the side effects were horrible! I had to actually beg my physician to put me on bio-identical and now being on it I am a totally new woman! No hot flashes, No anxiety, No Panic Attacks! No Crying! Ladies if you are reading this- get off the horse urine (found in Prempro) and get something more natural!

Andrea (Holy Hormones) | 5:13 pm, August 16th, 2010

Thanks for the article Dr. Dach —- I always know when the term “monster hormones” is used (grin) that it’s one of your articles! Thank you for promoting bioidentical hormones for health!

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