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Natural Energy Boosting Drink For Summer

Following on from Patrick Holford’s article earlier this week on boosting energy, here is a simple and refreshing way to recharge your batteries naturally and deliciously!

AnnA Rushton

With the, hopefully, hot weather, of summer we need to stay hydrated as that is a huge energy drain and dehydration can allow chronic disease to build. It is natural to turn to caffeinated drinks and sugar filled fizzy offerings but your body will thank you if you offer it this amazing lemonade instead.

Proper hydration naturally boosts energy, detoxifies the body and supports greater mental and physical performance.  This drink makes water more appealing by adding in natural sweetening agents and powerful essential oils with incredible health benefits.  In particular, citrus essential oils and fresh citrus (lemons/limes) provide a mega-dose of vitamin C and vitamin P (citrus bioflavonoids) that enhance blood flow into deep regions of the body, preventing oxidative stress and helping you get toxic debris out of your system.

Not only does it taste good, but it is rich in anti-oxidants  that will boost your energy and supercharge your cells so here is the recipe:

Lemon Mint Vitamin Water


Fresh juice from 1 organic lemon

Organic mint leaves

12 drops of  stevia

1 drop citrus fresh essential oil

Organic lemons, limes and raspberries (optional)

8 oz of purified water


Get the water and mix all ingredients together.  Squeeze lemon and lime in water and add raspberries if you like. You can stir them in with a spoon.  You may want fresh chilled water or ice in your water.  Add mint leaves on top at the end.

More information

Now you have rehydrated you may also want to check your hormones are in balance as that too will contribute to fatigue – as also can thyroid problems and adrenal fatigue. Progesterone helps combat brain fog and tiredness and these articles can help if you read them while sipping the Lemon drink!

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