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3 Natural Ways To Address Anxiety And Panic Attacks

Anxiety and panic attacks often accompany menopause, but there is no need to turn to medication. Bioidentical hormones help balance mood and these simple tips will help too.

Dr Andrew Weil

Panic attacks – episodes of severe anxiety that last for 10 minutes or more, and that occur for no obvious reason – affect many people. While drugs are commonly prescribed to curb the attacks if they become frequent, other natural ways of treating the condition may be just as beneficial. If you or a loved one has panic attacks, consider the following:

1 Try to relax and “go with the flow” when an attack occurs. Stay in the moment – don’t think about what will happen next.

2 Try cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). These interactive sessions have been shown to be as effective as some medications in preventing panic attacks. Contact a therapist for more information.

3 Practice breathing exercises. They can help to relax you, and can help prevent hyperventilation (or holding your breath) during an attack.

Natural Stress Remedies
Instead of getting a prescription medication for your stress, consider trying a traditional, natural remedy: holy basil. Also called tulsi, holy basil (Ocimum sanctum) is a sacred plant in India with strong, clove-like aroma and taste. It demonstrates a lack of toxicity and a variety of benefits, including reducing inflammation, protecting the body and brain from harmful effects of stress, and exerting a positive influence on mood. It is safe to use with pharmaceutical antidepressants. Dr. Weil’s colleague Jim Nicolai, M.D., says that for his patients with stress-related conditions, holy basil is at the top of his list of plant-based therapies. Use extracts standardized to two percent ursolic acid in 400 mg capsules. Dosage is two capsules, once or twice daily with food.

More information
Bioidentical natural progesterone is known to help reduce mood swings, anxiety and stress, and for extreme symptoms a combination cream of progesterone and oestrogen is recommended by US bioidentical expert Dr Jeffrey Dach.

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