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4 Surprising Tips for Lifelong Health

We all want to live a healthy life, and Dr Weil has some simple ways you can make sure you can do just that, whatever your age.

Dr Andrew Weil

The following is a simple checklist of lifestyle practices that can help prevent or lessen the risk of common age-related conditions.

Better health starts here:

1 Keep a personal medical journal. Include a record of past illnesses, injuries, treatments, tests and screenings, hospitalizations, current medications, and family history.

2 Know your risks. Based on family history, identify the categories of age-related disease you are most at risk for, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. Learn and apply the preventive lifestyle strategies to help keep these at bay.

3 Get checked out. Get a complete physical examination every year that screens for common conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, elevated serum cholesterol, anemia, and liver or kidney problems. If you are in good health and have no unusual symptoms, you may not need a checkup every year; consult with your doctor.

4 Maintain healthy blood pressure. Aim for blood pressure in the normal range – i.e., 120/80 or below. If your blood pressure is consistently elevated, even when you measure it yourself, first try to normalize it by changing habits of diet, exercise, and relaxation. If that fails, talk with your physician about medication, and start with the lowest effective dose of a mild agent. Realize though that the guidelines for management have changed in 2014, so be sure to discuss these with your doctor before considering medication.

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For women in particular it is vital to get your hormones under control as many of the conditions related to oestrogen dominance are not healthy, or liable to prolong your life. At menopause and perimenopause the hormonal fluctuations can result in a number of symptoms that can be remedied by addressing hormone balance, and that may be different at the varying stages of this natural transition.

You may start by needing to address oestrogen dominance with progesterone, but later some additional oestrogen may be helpful so a combined cream can be good for vaginal dryness, as well as the more severe symptoms such as persistent hot flashes and sweats.

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