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Harley Place Screening is a screening service that has been set up to enable patients to have direct access to tests, which for one reason or another may not be available via their GPs. It also aims to provide a screening service for complementary practitioners, who because they are not medically qualified, do not have the same referral access as doctors to laboratory services. It also offers the general public access to these tests direct.

Other laboratories offer access to these tests to the general public and alternative practitioners. Often problems arise though when the results are returned to the patient or practitioner.
This problem is one of interpretation as results are often returned with computer driven reports. Unless one has considerable experience with the use of these tests, and some knowledge of how the patient’s problems relate to the test results, they may not be very helpful or may even be misinterpreted.

Harley Place Screening no longer recommends saliva hormone testing. A new method has become available using blood which many consider more reliable. The kits can be used at home and involve a small amount of blood obtained by finger prick. When you request a kit, it is sent by Harley Place Screening to you with a questionnaire to complete. This information enables results to be returned with interpretation and advice.
Harley Place Screening can offer the following tests.

Hormone testing available.

The costs range from £80 for single hormones to £130 for menopause profile, thyroid profile and Anti Mullerian hormone. For kits and more information contact by email to info@harleyplacescreening.co.uk or by telephoning 0207 223 5049 on a Monday only between 9.30 and 4.00pm. The kit will be sent with questionnaire and details of where to send it.

List of tests:
These are £80 each

HRT Profile (FSH oestrogen and Progesterone)
Thyroid Profile (TSH, T4 T3)
Anti mullerian Hormone 
These are £130 each

For an Osteoporosis Screening by Ultrasound cost is £70 and see this website for information:

Harley Place screening regret that they are unable to enter into discussions on the telephone regarding the suitability of tests for individuals, please email initially. 

If you’d like further information on testing or to arrange for a consultation please drbond108@gmail.com

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