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How To Speed Up Weight Loss

Looking ahead to summer and wanting to lose a few more pounds? Nutritionist Patrick Holford explains what can make it easier, and quicker.

Patrick Holford

If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while and hit a plateau or you want to lose weight a little more quickly then there are a few things you can try:

1. Eat a low GL (Glycaemic Load) Diet

If you follow a low GL diet then you will find you are less hungry because it keeps your blood sugar even, so you automatically eat less. A low GL diet also helps to switch on genes that help you burn fat fast. I recommend a low GL diet based on eating a little more protein, mainly from fish and vegetable proteins such as beans, lentils, nuts and seeds, and less carbs as well as focusing on the low GL carbs such as wholegrain pasta, oat flakes, brown rice, quinoa and other such foods.

The Low GL Diet Made Easy explains simply and clearly exactly how to follow a low GL diet – it is not complicated and you soon become used to this way of eating.

2. Alternate Day Dieting and Intermittent Fasting

While a low GL diet is highly effective for weight loss you can speed up your weight loss even more by simply eating less every other day. All you need to do if you’re already following a low GL diet is to eat 35 GLs on ‘fast’ days (and around 800kcal) and then 50 GLs on ‘feast’ days. This way of eating naturally reduces your appetite on the ‘feast’ days, so 50 GLs is ample if you choose the right kind of foods. Exactly how to do this is explained in my book Burn Fat Fast.

3. Diet and exercise are the winning combination

Research has shown that the right kind of exercise with alternative day dieting can double weight loss. But what kind of exercise works?

The general view from many studies of exercise is that, for both all-round health and fitness, but also for weight burning, you need a balance between muscle-building exercise, called ‘resistance’ or strength training and ‘aerobic’ or endurance exercise. That might mean a ‘strength’ session of alternate days and a 30 minute endurance exercise, such as a jog, brisk walk, cycle or swim or interval training – short bursts of high intensity exercise.

I had Kate Staples, former Gladiator (Zodiac) and expert personal trainer devise me an 8 minute every other day routine to achieve this, which is now part of my Burn Fat Fast routine. Together with an Alternate Day Low-GL Diet I estimate that it will produce a weight loss of 14lbs in 8 weeks.

4. Add plenty of fibre

Soluble fibres, found in oats and chia seeds, absorb water and, as a consequence, make you feel fuller. Apples and beans also contain soluble fibres which are known to stabilise blood sugar and result in less insulin release.

The king of soluble fibres is glucomannan fibre, found in the Japanese konjac plant. Glucomannan has consistently been shown to help weight loss. Glucomannan is either taken as a powder in a 5 gram serving, or as three capsules before meals, always with a large glass of water. 5 grams of this fibre absorbs about one litre of water. Taken three times a day this means about 3 litres more ‘bulk’ in the stomach and intestines, making you feel much fuller.

If you take it before breakfast or a main meal it makes it easy not to snack between meals because your blood sugar levels stay even for much longer so it’s particularly useful if you are following an alternate day diet.

5. Check for food intolerances

One thing that can slow weight loss down is if you are eating foods your body is intolerant to. Food intolerances or allergies can cause water retention and can result in you holding as much as 10lb (4.5kg) of extra fluid or even more without realising it. Once you cut out whatever you’re intolerant to you can lose all that fluid (and weight!) within 48 hours. To get a food intolerance test visit

6. Supplements that help

I recommend taking 5HTP, Chromium and HCA – to find out more see my article listed below.

Helpful information:

Hormone balance is key for successful weight loss so check for signs of oestrogen dominance and progesterone can help as its diuretic qualities help you shed excess fluid, and pounds. Burn Fat Fast regime incorporates all these principles in an easy-to-follow strategy to transform your health and weight. You will find the book and more information at

Stress, Weight and Oestrogen Dominance


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