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Ten Reasons Why You Have A Low Thyroid Condition

Low thyroid can affect your everyday wellbeing in so many different ways. So before consulting your doctor, see how many of the common signs you have.

Dr Jeffrey Dach

Susy, a 36 year at stay at home Mom,  came to see me because of hair loss, weight gain, chronic fatigue and  feeling cold all the time.  Suzie’s labs showed typical findings of low thyroid function with elevated TSH and low Free T3 and low FreeT4.  I explained to Suzy that she has a low thyroid condition, and will soon feel better with a thyroid pill called Naturethroid (RLC labs).  Three weeks later Suzie calls the office to report all of her symptoms have improved, and she is “feeling so much better”.

Low Thyroid Condition is Common

The low thyroid condition is quite common in our population. yet is frequently ignored or missed by our medical system.  How do we recognize the signs and symptoms of a low thyroid condition, so we can determine if we need thyroid medication?

1) Feeling Cold

I feel cold when other people are warm.  My husband turns the air conditioner on, and I am turning it off.  I wear wool socks on my feet at night to sleep.  My body temperature is always lower than other people.

2) Chronic Fatigue

I feel tired all the time, and have no energy like I used to.  I stopped going to the gym because I am so tired all the time.  I take naps during the day.

3) Hair Loss

My hair comes out in clumps in the shower, and I am losing more hair every day,   My outer eyebrows are thinning or disappearing.

4) Unexplained Weight Gain:

I eat a very clean diet, yet I keep gaining weight and I can’t seem to lose it, no matter how much I starve myself.

5) Sore muscles,  Aches and Pains.

I have slow recovery after my work outs.  After every work out at the gym I have muscle aches and pains that linger for days,   Nothing seems to help.

6) Irregular or Heavy Menstrual Bleeding.

My menstrual cycles were like clockwork every 28 days.   Now, they are irregular with heavy bleeding.

7) Dry Skin

I have gone through three or four different skin moisturizers, and my skin is still dry all the time.

8) Constipation. Slow Digestion.

I have to take a laxative every night because I am always constipated.  Sometimes it can be painful.

9) Depression.

My doctor offered me an antidepressant pill because I am always depressed and sad.  I have no motivation to do anything.

10) Brain Fog

I can no longer remember people’s names like I used to.  I forget my things like my house keys, and I have to go back for them  I have trouble finding the right word in the middle of a conversation.  I have “brain fog”.

Conclusion:  The low thyroid condition is quite common, and yet frequently ignored by the medical system.  The low thyroid patient must take control and seek out the right doctor who can help.

Helpful information: 

Low thyroid is often undiagnosed, and unfortunately many of the symptoms are also common to oestrogen dominance, adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalance at menopause. Eliminating oestrogen dominance will certainly help by rebalancing with bioidentical natural progesterone as many women find this an effective way to boost thyroid levels and is safe to use with thyroid medication.

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