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Menopause Accelerates Ageing But Bioidentical Hormones Can Help

Menopause affects our sleep, weight and mood, but there is no stopping the ageing process. Or is there?

Dr Jeffrey Dach

A new study by Dr Morgan E. Levine from UCLA in PNAS shows that menopause accelerates aging.  A second study by Dr Judith Carroll from UCLA reported in Biological Psychiatry that “insomnia symptoms are implicated in accelerated aging”. Insomnia is a frequent menopausal symptom, along with other typical symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, and loss of libido, etc.(3) Left Image Girl Before A Mirror courtesy of

These two studies also show that menopause is associated with increased aging-related diseases and early mortality. Acceleration of mortality after menopause had been reported 20 years ago. Dr Shiro Horiuchi reported in 1997 that “mortality data from seven industrialized countries have shown postmenopausal mortality acceleration clearly”.

Bioidentical Hormones Prevent Aging and Reduce Mortality

According to Dr Julie Thornton in her 2013 article, menopause causes estrogen deficiency, and accelerated aging, or deterioration of the skin, all of which are delayed or prevented by estrogen administration. Many other doctors have reported similar opinions.

The telomere theory of aging states that the telomeres on the ends of our chromosomes shorten as we age. Aging can be prevented or reverse by lengthening telomeres. Dr Lee reported in 2005 that “post-menopausal long-term estrogen therapy lengthened telomeres” thus slowing and reversing the aging process.

Estrogen deficiency related to Menopause is associated with accelerated aging and early mortality, findings which can be prevented and reversed with bioidentical hormone therapy.

Helpful information

As oestrogen has had such a bad press, it may be surprising to hear the views of many doctors that it is an essential component in battling aging and its related diseases. However, this refers to bioidentical hormones, not the synthetic ones in HRT, as a combined regime of both progesterone and oestrogen has proved very effective in dealing with common menopausal symptoms such as severe flushes and night sweats as well as anxiety and depression.

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