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Weight Loss: Strategy For Success 

Do you try to diet, but often fail? There could be a very simple reason for it and it’s not about food, but about how you think about it.

AnnA Rushton

At menopause most women put on some weight, and it is often a puzzle as they continue to exercise and eat healthily.

Of course your diet is important, as is hormone balance because if you are fighting oestrogen dominance that puts weight on around the middle that can be hard to shift. But what if its not about food at all?

Choosing wisely means not giving up your favourite foods

What is the first thing you do when preparing to lose weight? You choose a diet and generally that means giving up your favorite foods and replacing them with “healthy” foods you really don’t like.

So what happens? There may be an initial weight loss, but you can’t sustain it long term. Diets often fail simply because people focus on giving up their favourites but there’s a better way, according to researchers from Baylor University in Texas in the USA.

They found that weight loss efforts are more successful when you focus on healthy foods that you enjoy eating and allow yourself occasional treats of your “forbidden” favorites.

What makes a diet successful?

The results from their study showed that people who are least likely to achieve their weight loss goals tend to build their diet plans on avoiding foods they find most tempting.

But those who were most successful at losing weight adopted strategies that enabled them to add healthy foods they actually enjoyed eating, while cutting back (not necessarily out) on the unhealthy foods they like least.

So the good news is if you want to lose weight, it makes sense to avoid diet no-no’s like cake most  of the time, but that doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to kale instead.

Helpful information: 

If your weight is hormonal then rebalancing with Serenity will help as the bioidentical progesterone means it rids the body of excess fluid, as it acts as a diuretic, and opposes oestrogen dominance.  There are many excellent, healthy diets around, and these are some that have proved most effective for many women and sustainable over the long term.


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