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Why Men Too Can Be Oestrogen Dominant

It is not always realised that progesterone can be a helpful hormone for both men and women.

Dame Dr Shirley Bond

It is often forgotten that progesterone is a hormone produced by both women and men.  Men produce it in both their adrenals and testes and progesterone levels in men remain fairly constant until they reach their sixties or even seventies.

At this time of life there are other hormone changes in a man in addition to the drop in progesterone levels. Testosterone levels drop and change from a preponderance of testosterone to one of di-hydrotestosterone.

The levels of oestrogens also rise and although it is not clear whether these hormonal changes are independent of one another, or if perhaps the drop in progesterone precipitates the fall in testosterone, what is clear is that adequate progesterone production is essential for men’s health and wellbeing.

The effects of hormonal changes on men

While it is well recognised that men frequently experience a decrease in sexual activity as they age, it is not clear whether this is due to ageing, a decline in general fitness, change in hormone levels or a combination of these factors.

Hormonal changes do not occur in all men, but when they do they are generally related to a rise in their oestrogen levels.  This accounts for the ‘man breasts’ and feminising effects observed in men where they may also need to shave less often.

The levels of both progesterone and testosterone drop, and when testosterone levels fall there is often a corresponding rise in di-hydro-testosterone.

This is another form of testosterone and seems to have more aggressive effects than testosterone and possibly may be the cause of prostatic cancer.

The effect of low progesterone in men

The drop in progesterone levels is important. We know that progesterone has a protective effect against the stimulating effect of oestrogen in women.

It has the same protective effect in men against the stimulating effects of testosterone and di-hydrotestosterone.

It works in men in two ways: first by acting directly upon progesterone receptors which are present in almost every tissue of the body, and secondly by competing for receptors with testosterone.

Although very little research has been done into the effects and role of progesterone in men, it is clear that a whole range of health problems can be addressed using this hormone.

It should not be forgotten that men  are also exposed to the pollutant xenoestrogens in the environment and these too can have oestrogen-like effects on men as well as on women.  This oestrogen dominance due to pollution is also probably the cause of some of the low sperm counts that are not infrequently seen in otherwise fit and healthy men.

The use of supplemental bioidentical natural progesterone in men is based partly on a knowledge of physiology – that is the way in which tissues are supposed to function in the body – and experience gained from observing the effect of  supplementation on male patients.

It may well be that future work will show that natural progesterone is as vital a hormone for men as it is for women.

Helpful information:

If it is true that it is generally women who are more concerned about men’s health than they are themselves, then this valuable information needs to be passed on.

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AnnA Rushton | 12:11 am, May 22nd, 2013

It can be purchased online as a cream, Serenity, at at the optimum dose recommended for hormone balance.

davidhurcombe | 5:31 pm, May 21st, 2013

progesterone was recomended to me by a doctor and he prescribed it for me, unfortunatley he retired and my current GP does not agree and therfore will not prescribe it where can I purchase progesterone and in what form.I would be very gratefull for any help. thank you

jr | 12:33 am, November 30th, 2011

i think far too many problems that are dinged as “male” problems (pathological aggression, autism, etc.) get blamed on testosterone. what remains a mystery though is whether there is also covert estrogenic activity in the body at specific organ sites (brain and prostate) that are assumed to be testosterone-caused, but may in fact be due to aromatization into estrogen. i think this is one of the reasons testosterone therapy doesn’t work for heart disease, as the conversion to estrogen causes platelet aggregation and leads to life threatening clotting problems. what is also intriguing is that progesterone therapy IN MEN has been shown to help with deep sleep, to lower blood pressure, and is currently a promising investigational drug in traumatic brain injury (going on at emory by the way). so yes i do agree that estrogen is a problem and is just as harmful to men as it is to women but progesterone certainly does deserve more research.

Dr. Mac | 3:30 pm, November 29th, 2011

Since I was in college I had prostate problems. I would wake a couple times a night to urinate and on occasion had pain on ejaculation. I started putting 10mgs of progesterone on my scrotum and the symptoms disappeared. I no longer have night urination and the pain on ejaculation is very rare. To me now being 55 and after years of suffering from this problem, progesterone was miraculous!

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