What You Should Know About Metabolic Syndrome

It can affect so many areas of your health, but do you know what the risk factors are?

Lara Briden

Dr. Lara Briden is a naturopathic doctor and the period revolutionary, leading the change to better periods.

Stephen Makinde

MSc. Clinical Neuroscience, BSc. (Hons) Ost Med. Director of the Perfect Balance Clinic.

Hormone testing

Although many women use their symptoms as a guide to their hormone status, if you want to have accurate testing then this information can be helpful.

Dr Mercola

Dr Mercola is an osteopathic physician trained in both traditional and natural medicine. He is a national figure and broadcaster on better health and his passion is to transform the traditional medical paradigm in the United States. Over 15 years ago he founded to share his experiences with others. The site is the most […]

Diana Mossop

Diana Mossop practices in Jersey and London. For information on her and her remedies please visit

Another Natural Aid To Fight Breast Cancer

The humble lemon may help prevent cancer, so as well as supplementing with bioidentical natural progesterone you have another natural aid to fight the disease.

Toothache Worse Than Period Pain or Childbirth?!

You can ease period problems with bioidentical natural progesterone, but with 73% of the population suffering from sensitive teeth you might look for some specific relief – especially as you get older.

Menopause Quotes & Trivia

Hormone Replacement Therapy is thought to reduce the risk of heart disease in menopausal women by up to 50%, however…

Dr David Jockers

Dr. David Jockers owns and operates Exodus Health Center in Kennesaw, Georgia. He is a chiropractor, exercise physiologist and natural health specialist. His expertise is in weight loss, customized nutrition and exercise, and structural corrective chiropractic care. For more information go to

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