Julie Lamble – Nutritional Biochemist and State-Registered Nutritionist

Julie Lamble joined Lifeplan, the vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements company after leaving University where she studied Nutritional Biochemistry. She is a qualified Nutritional Biochemist and State-Registered Nutritionist and is the Nutrition and Technical Manager at Lifeplan where she is responsible for all aspects of nutritional science.  She has an extensive knowledge of nutrition with […]

Patrick Holford

Dr Sarah Schenker

Dr Sarah Schenker is one of the most high profile and influential nutritionists in the UK and appears regularly in the media as well as regularly writing for magazines, newspapers and journals. Sarah graduated from the University of Surrey with a BSc (Hons) in Nutrition and State Registration in Dietetics. After gaining three years clinical […]

Dr Tony Coope

Dr Tony Coope has many years experience in General Practice, prior to which he spent four years as a hospital doctor, covering the specialities of medicine, surgery, paediatrics, geriatrics and emergency/trauma medicine. He now specialises in female hormone health, from puberty to post menopause, with a particular interest, focus and experience in dealing with the […]

Dame Dr Shirley Bond MB BS, LRCP MRCS, FFARCS

Dr Bond is a general practitioner. She was one of the very first doctors in the UK, over 25 years ago, to use bioidentical hormones, including natural progesterone, to enable women of all ages to balance their hormones naturally. She was also involved in the development of methods for diagnosing and treating osteoporosis in its […]

AnnA Rushton

AnnA Rushton has been writing about both alternative and mainstream health, with particular reference to women’s health, for over 35 years.  Her books, website, and columns have shared natural hormone health information from when it was not being covered in the mainstream media to the present when there is a natural thirst for such knowledge. […]

Virginia Hopkins

Virginia Hopkins, M.A.,  collaborated for many years with Dr John Lee on his books and articles. She has a masters degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and is the c0-author  with John R. Lee, M.D. of the books: Dr. John lee’s Hormone Balance Made Simple, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You […]

Dr David T. Zava PhD

Dr. Zava received his doctorate in Biochemistry from the University of Tennessee in 1974. As founder of ZRT he has been instrumental in developing research projects with physicians and academic groups to understand the role of steroid hormones in health and disease for the past decade. His blog can be found at and his […]

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