Contraception – A Non-Chemical Alternative

Birth control needs to be both effective and risk-free but modern methods rely on synthetic hormones such as progestins that mimic the effect of bioidentical natural progesterone, but that can have serious side effects.

Antidepressants Two-Fold Risk To Babies In Pregnancy

Mothers using popular SSRI drugs can unknowingly increase the number of very serious and potentially deadly birth defects.

Being Pregnant Changes More Than Your Body

You have to love researchers for always wanting to tell us something we already know, but in a ‘scientific’ way.

Adverse Effects of Birth Control Pills by Jeffrey Dach MD

Dr Dach comments on the problems with the synthetic hormones in the Pill and the effectiveness of IUD’s as a better option.

Warning On Using The Pill for New Mothers

New U.S. Government guidelines suggest caution on starting contraceptive Pill use after giving birth, due to an increased risk of potentially fatal blood clots.

Natural Progesterone Helps Reduce Premature Births by Half

A new study published in the journal Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology has found that natural progesterone given to certain groups of pregnant women effectively reduced premature birth rates by 50 percent.

The Bad News/Good News in the Press About Hormones

Two stories have emerged in recent weeks that make for compelling reading; together they give us a clear window into the extraordinary anomalies (some would say madnesses) that exist in the world of hormonal health.

Progesterone and Preterm Birth by Virginia Hopkins

Examining the role of progesterone for those concerned about premature labor and birth.

Men Get Hormone Surge When Baby Is Born

Levels of oxytocin and prolactin rise in new fathers to help them bond well with their babies.

Trying for a baby? Check your partner’s chemical exposure

Sperm may be harmed by exposure to BPA.

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