Hormone therapy in your kitchen

Rhubarb could act as a natural alternative to HRT.

What’s the difference between natural and synthetic hormones?

In this segment taken from an interview in the Daily Telegraph Dr Bond explains how and why natural hormones differ from the synthetic hormones used in common HRT treatments.

Dr Bond’s Common Questions #2 – Cyclogest

Someone has told me that I can make my own progesterone cream using Cyclogest pessaries from my GP. Is this true?

Chillow pillow for hot flushes

May not seem like it now, but warmer weather will come and the Chillow pillow can help cool those hot flushes.

Dr Bond’s Common Questions #1 – HRT Alternatives

I am menopausal and I have tender breasts, bloating, weight gain and mood swings. My GP suggested I try HRT but this has made it worse. What can I do?

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