Prostate Cancer Treatment Linked to Higher Rate of Colon Cancer

Hormone-based therapy for prostate cancer increases risk of colorectal cancer.

FDA issues new warning on long term use of osteoporosis drugs

Following a previous article on the benefits of taking a ‘holiday’ from such drugs there are now two new concerns.

Artificial Ovary Invented in US Medical School

Researchers at Brown University and Women & Infants Hospital have invented the first artificial human ovary and have already used the lab-grown organ to mature human eggs.

Give Osteoporosis Drugs A Holiday To Help Them Work Better

A study conducted at Loyola University Osteoporosis and Metabolic Bone Disease Center in Chicago has found that bone density remained stable for three years in patients who took a drug holiday from bisphosphonates.

Boys and Breasts

Not the usual observation about boys and their fascination with mammary glands, but how they themselves are developing in that area too.

Research Identifies Genetic Variants That Increase Risk of Developing Endometriosis

Two genetic variants can provide clues to the origin of this often very painful gynaecological condition, which has a significant impact on the quality of life of sufferers.

Check your Digits to Assess Prostate Cancer Risk

Men who have long index fingers are at lower risk of prostate cancer according to a new study published in the British Journal of Cancer.

Too Many Women Being Prescribed High Dose HRT

Despite numerous reports over the last few years, it seems not all doctors have got the message.

Controlling Bone Formation to Prevent Osteoporosis

The Simple Effect of Getting Older and its Impact on Causing Osteoporosis

Why Puberty Starts When It Does

Scientists have discovered 30 new genes that control the age of sexual maturation in women and many of them also act on body weight regulation or biological pathways related to fat metabolism.

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