World Menopause Month

October 2010 was designated World Menopause Month by the World Health Organisation. Celebrate it here at Bio Hormone Health

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Bio Hormone Health celebrated World Menopause Month by bringing you personal reflections, articles and insights from a variety of contributors including Patrick Holford, Leslie Kenton, Dame Dr Shirley Bond, Dr Tony Coope and of course from women who are themselves experiencing menopause and the benefits of natural bio-identical hormones.

My Views On The Menopause

A look at the many common and upsetting symptoms that can occur at menopause for many, but not all, women.

Dr Harald Gaier

World Menopause Month

What have we learned from the experience of others about this time of transition?

AnnA Rushton

Menopause Quotes & Trivia

Hormone Replacement Therapy is thought to reduce the risk of heart disease in menopausal women by up to 50%, however…

AnnA Rushton

Menopause, A Woman’s View – by Pauline Manning

Pauline has been using bioidentical hormones for many years. She tells us what led her to use bioidenticals and her experience with them.


A Personal View of Menopause – Leslie Kenton

Leslie Kenton, author of Passage To Power, gives us her thoughts on the menopause as part of our Menopause Day Celebrations.


Why a Bit of Belly Fat is a Good Thing – by guest writer, Virginia Hopkins

For a menopausal woman, a little bit of belly fat is natural, healthy and put there for a purpose, which is to make estrogen.


Dr Nina Bailey on Menopause Month

An opportunity to focus not only on research, but the treatment options now available to women

Dr Nina Bailey

HRT – Don’t Believe What You Read

The shocking truth about how pharmaceutical companies hired ghostwriters to distort results.

AnnA Rushton

World Menopause Month – The Magic Of Menopause

An introduction to World Menopause Month

AnnA Rushton
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