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7 Reasons Why Chocolate Is A Healthy(ish) Valentine’s Day Treat

We know that bioidentical Natural Progesterone helps prevent strokes and heart disease and balance mood and reduce anxiety. But just for Valentine’s Day you might want to indulge that chocolate craving just this once for a similar effect!

Osteoporosis Drugs Linked To Genetic Variation Risk of Jaw Bone Lesions

Biphosphonate drugs are known to have serious side effects but new research highlights a potential genetic risk. However, the value of bioidentical natural progesterone in bone building is still not on the mainstream medical menu.

The Pill and Period Pain – Read The Small Print

Can synthetic hormones help or is it bioidentical natural progesterone that really works?

PMS And Hormonal Sensitivity

Anyone who has suffered from PMS doesn’t need telling that it is all about hormones, and many women get relief from bioidentical natural progesterone for their symptoms, but a new study has revealed the importance of yet another hormone as well.

Brussel Sprouts – The ACE That Can Cut Stroke Risk in Women

You may have seen enough of them at Christmas but Brussels, and other antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, are a must for a healthy heart.

Reversing Female Hair Loss

Christmas can indeed make you want to tear your hair out with all the stress and pressure that can accompany this time of year. But hair loss is no joking matter with millions of women being affected and suffering the physical and emotional distress that can accompany it.

What Every Woman Needs To Know About Osteopenia and Osteoporosis

Many women are concerned about the risk of osteoporosis, particularly after a hysterectomy and during menopause. This is when the bones are at risk if there is not sufficient progesterone being produced to provide essential bone building conditions and these are key facts that women need to know.

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