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What Causes Hot Flushes During Menopause?

Is it ‘all in your head‘ and is your brain really responsible for starting those flushes? Some answers, and some help from bioidentical hormones.

Osteoporosis – 10 Calcium-Rich Foods You Should Be Eating

There are a number of risk factors and some everyday additions to your diet to prevent, relieve or reverse osteoporosis will help as will progesterone, the bone-building hormone.

Tips To Help New Mothers Suffering From ‘Baby Wrist’

Having a baby is full of challenges, but why do so many new mothers complain about wrist pain after giving birth? The hormonal changes, including the huge drop in progesterone levels, explain why but what can you do about it? Tony Kochhar is an expert in this field and offers practical tips that can help.

Being Pregnant Changes More Than Your Body

You have to love researchers for always wanting to tell us something we already know, but in a ‘scientific’ way.

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