Now A Simple Hormone Test To Establish End of A Woman’s Fertility

Whether you are waiting to start a family or trying to predict the onset of menopause this new research could help you.

Artificial Ovary Invented in US Medical School

Researchers at Brown University and Women & Infants Hospital have invented the first artificial human ovary and have already used the lab-grown organ to mature human eggs.

One Reason for Women’s Declining Fertility with Age

How worms are helping scientists understand exactly how and why a woman’s biological clock winds down.

Saturated Fats Can Harm Sperm Quality by Almost 50 Percent

Saturated and monounsaturated fats aren’t just implicated in heart disease and cancer but now are linked to a potentially damaging effect on men’s sperm

Why it Doesn’t Pay to Second-Guess Nature – Part 1

Scientists have announced a new test to accurately determine when menopause will begin.

Why it Doesn’t Pay to Second-Guess Nature – Part 2

A new test which determines when menopause will begin will allow women to have children at ever older ages.

Dr Tony Coope – An Introduction

My intention is that my fortnightly column gives us an arena to exchange information and ideas about anything and everything in the field of hormone health, and explore how to develop the discrimination necessary to arrive at the truth.

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