Research and What It Means For You – Reading between the lines: Part 1

There is research, and there are statistics, but what do the latest findings really mean for you?

A Cool Head For Hot Flushes

New research used to help cool hot heads during menopause, migraines or fevers.

Bio-Identical Hormones 101 – For Free

Jeffrey Dach has specialised in bio-identical hormones and he is offering readers a wonderful opportunity read his work – Bioidentical Hormones 101 – for free.

Synthetic Hormones and Stroke Risk

Synthetic hormones in birth control pills and HRT are commonly prescribed, yet for women they can carry an increased risk of having a stroke.

Increased Mortality Rate For Women Who Break A Hip Aged 60+

Osteoporosis puts women at greater risk of breaking bones and this new study shows the importance of maintaining good bone health, as the danger increases with age.

Hot Flashes Ease With Age and Weight

Hot flashes are the bane of many women’s lives at menopause, now it seems you just have to wait them out – and put on weight!

Progesterone and Plums To Help Prevent Fractures and Osteoporosis

The benefits of natural progesterone are well known when it comes to dealing with osteoporosis, but adding another natural ingredient could also boost your bone health.

Protein is Key for Successful Dieting At Menopause

To keep a healthy balance between losing fat and muscle it is important to get the balance right, especially when dieting at menopause.

How Estrogen Protects Women From Heart Disease

One in five men in Britain die from a heart attack, compared to just one in seven women. New research shows that it is our hormones that make the difference.

Now A Simple Hormone Test To Establish End of A Woman’s Fertility

Whether you are waiting to start a family or trying to predict the onset of menopause this new research could help you.

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