Increased Mortality Rate For Women Who Break A Hip Aged 60+

Osteoporosis puts women at greater risk of breaking bones and this new study shows the importance of maintaining good bone health, as the danger increases with age.

10 Less Well Known Risk Factors For Osteoporosis

Patrick Holford has studied and written about the combined effect that diet, nutrition, exercise and natural progesterone can have when dealing with osteoporosis. Here he outlines one factor that many women discount.

Progesterone and Plums To Help Prevent Fractures and Osteoporosis

The benefits of natural progesterone are well known when it comes to dealing with osteoporosis, but adding another natural ingredient could also boost your bone health.

Bone Density At Risk With Some Birth Control Pills

Teenagers starting to use oral contraception may be putting their long-term bone health at risk.

Solution From The Sea for Deteriorating Bones

There are a number of suggestions for helping bones to heal including bio-identical natural hormones, herbs and supplements, but this one from scientists at the University of Florida (UF) could be the strangest yet.

Balance Your Hormones – A New Approach

New books on hormone balance are rare, and excellent ones even rarer still. With This comprehensive guide will help with all your hormonal health problems from hot flashes to osteoprosis, and lots in between.

How Just Getting Older Affects Osteoporosis

New research sheds some light on how – and why – aging affects osteoporosis and what you are able to do about it.

Common Thyroid Drug Increases Risk of Bone Fractures in Women

Many women suffer from underactive thyroid, but a common drug taken to relieve it can have serious effects on bone strength according to a recent study for the British Medical Journal.

June Is Osteoporosis Month

The cause of the disease is still not fully understood, but research continues to build up a picture of the factors that influence our bone health. Article and he links to our other osteoporosis features.

Better Bone Health With The Two T’s

Green tea and Tai Chi have both been found to enhance bone health and reduce inflammation in postmenopausal women in a recent study.

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