How To Help Back Pain During, and After, Pregnancy

Progesterone can help with fertility, but once pregnant many women do experience back pain. If you are looking for a drug-free answer then read on ..

The Key Role of Progesterone in Fertility, Conception and Maintaining A Pregnancy

The BBC News site commented on the importance of progesterone for prevention of miscarriage, and they are right.

Tips To Help New Mothers Suffering From ‘Baby Wrist’

Having a baby is full of challenges, but why do so many new mothers complain about wrist pain after giving birth? The hormonal changes, including the huge drop in progesterone levels, explain why but what can you do about it? Tony Kochhar is an expert in this field and offers practical tips that can help.

Baby Blues Now Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Natural birth is hailed as a good thing but a new study calls it ‘highly traumatizing’ along with terrorist attacks and car accidents. Fortunately bioidentical natural progesterone helps elevate mood and anxiety as well as the baby blues!

Antidepressants Two-Fold Risk To Babies In Pregnancy

Mothers using popular SSRI drugs can unknowingly increase the number of very serious and potentially deadly birth defects.

Being Pregnant Changes More Than Your Body

You have to love researchers for always wanting to tell us something we already know, but in a ‘scientific’ way.

Natural Progesterone Helps Reduce Premature Births by Half

A new study published in the journal Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology has found that natural progesterone given to certain groups of pregnant women effectively reduced premature birth rates by 50 percent.

Artificial Pancreas in Pregnancy Promises Fewer Diabetes Deaths and Abnormalities

Latest scientific discovery could reduce cases of stillbirth and mortality rate among mothers.

What Is Premature Menopause?

Dr Bond explains this common phenomenon, its causes and consequences.

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